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Today, technology is changing at a rapid pace. The new technologies like cloud, social, mobile, internet of things, analytics, big data; all impacting every industry and every job role. That’s why, every professional aspiring to work or already employed in the industry needs to re-think on how to stay relevant in the current market and in years to come. In this situation, a core engineering graduate certainly has an advantage. Let us see how.

Industry 4.0 and core engineering expertise

You must have heard Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. It connects the physical environment like shop floor to digital environment.


On the shop floor, operations of machines and maintenance is done manually for years. Industrial revolution 4.0 promised to make it smart. Here, various types of sensors are fitted on parts of the machines on the shop floor. These sensors collect data in real-time and on continuous basis. This large amount of data is stored using cloud technology.

Using various tools in analytics, this large amount of data collected from shop floor is analyzed for patterns. Study of these patterns reveal lot of important insights and help detect wear and tear in machines. This can help reduce downtime of machines through better preventive maintenance.

Another miraculous benefit of internet and these sensors (called Internet of Things) is that it can be monitored and controlled remotely using smart phones. And that too from anywhere in the world!

To enter into this world of smart factories, one need not leave the core engineering. Rather, core engineering knowledge is very essential to set up and run such automated smart factories. You are in demand, when you top up your core engineering know-how, with new technologies. Industry 4.0 gives a core engineering graduate an entire new gamut of opportunities to learn and innovate, not to mention career advancement.

Industry 5.0 boon for core engineers

If you are a graduate of core engineering, you may pursue post-graduation in the same field after a few years of work experience. Some who may be interested in research might even do a Ph.D. Specialized learning adds a lot of value. This differentiates yourself from the crowd and is beneficial in longer term for career growth in the core sector.

This kind of incremental value addition is not possible if one takes up a job in IT to become a software developer or as a consultant in large bank just because the salary offered was little more.

( From Professional Staffing – Digital Employment Trends Report FY 2021-22 By TeamLease )

Core engineering Sector Growth

Flight of automation is not limited to industry 4.0, industry 5.0 is already on its way. It will be focused on co-operation between man and machine. It is going to be era of mass personalization. We believe automation can produce products which all look same. But, now there is a twist with concept of mass personalization! With industry 5.0, everyone in the city can have a car which is completely designed based on individual preferences. Every car can be with different features though coming from the same automated production plant.

Industry 5.0 is conceptualized to leverage the unique creativity of human experts to collaborate with powerful, smart and accurate machinery. Here, humans will be guiding robots.

Now what do you say? Will an IT professional or Banking consultant would be able to do this job? Certainly not. The expertise in the core engineering domain is essential for such specialized roles and the demand for these roles is rising and will continue the trend in years to come.

Rising up the ladder

In core engineering field, you do not work only on shop floor or the work site.  You get involved in the managerial tasks like design, planning, quality etc. This exposure will give you a way to grow up the ladder, even to the top position. Core engineering job prepares you for upward growth more holistically than any other sector.

All core engineering graduates need to take a two-prong approach. Focus on core engineering skills and build the expertise. Along with it also master the relevant technology like cloud, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and so on.

Creating differentiation of core sector with CADCAMGURU

In the current uncertain business world, every business and role seems to be changing. As professionals we have to keep on unlearning old things and grasp new one quickly. But, all this needs a solid foundation for problem solving that a core engineering teaches us. 

If you want to make your foundation strong or top up your skills with latest technologies used in automation (industry 4.0).  You will not find any other passionate partner like CADCAMGURU.

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