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Many industries use sheet metal as a widely utilized material for constructing components.

Every industry starting from automobile, construction, mining, shipping, manufacturing, aviation, medical, to transport has an application of sheet metal. Beyond the industrial use, sheet metal finds its application in domestic appliances too.

So, from the perspective of a mechanical design engineer sheet metal is a very important material to consider. There is no surprise if we come across increasing demand for sheet metal from various industry sectors as published in the market research reports.

The global sheet metal market size was valued at USD 265.0 billion in 2018. The global sheet metal market size is expected to reach USD 371.8 billion by 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 5.0% over the forecast period. Increasing demand for sheet metal from automotive sector is likely to contribute to the industry growth.
– According to GrandViewResearch.Inc

Sheet Metal

Simply put sheet metal is nothing but a metal in the form of sheets. A rolling process obtains the sheet metal in its raw material form. Here the height of a metal ingot is reduced by passing it through the rollers. This process makes the sheet uniform in thickness.

Sheet metal is identified by its thickness. The thickness is around 1 mm to around 20-25 mm. Sheet metal has thickness lesser than plate metal and it is thicker than a metal foil.

Applications of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is eco-friendly and versatile raw material. One can see the sheet metal in the form of flat pieces or coiled strips. As sheet metal is easy to cut and bend, numerous industrial as well as domestic objects can be fabricated with it.

Following is the list of a few applications of sheet metal.

    • Radiator supports, roof headers, frames, engine cradles in automotive sector
    • Roofs and sidings in construction sector
    • Ductwork, machine guards, tank bodies
    • Airplane fuselages and wings
    • Medical tables


Advantages of sheet metal

Sheet metal is good for manufacturing larger parts with less features. Let us look at what the advantages of this raw material are.

  • Sheet metal has a low weight and hence it is easy to work with and transport.
  • With the help of CAD/CAM and CNC technology, sheet metal component fabrication process can be very accurate and efficient.
  • Sheet metal is extremely strong and durable. It can withstand extreme environments like agricultural set up or very high temperature like industrial ovens.
  • With process like sand blasting or powder coating sheet metal becomes resistant to corrosion, sunlight and moisture making it a choice for various whether conditions.
  • Sheet metal is easily malleable. It can be cut, bent, stretched or formed in any shape. Can create unique property, highly customized designs with it.
  • Sheet metal parts can be easily inspected for any damage. The parts can be easily removed without disturbing the entire structure. The repairing is also relatively easy.
  • Sheet metal offers low cost advantages due to its durability, light weight, ease of transport, malleability etc.
  • Products manufactured using sheet metal requires lesser maintenance and can last longer without need of replacement.


Ace your interview with sheet metal knowhow

We have seen that demand for sheet metal parts is growing worldwide due to its features like light weight, durability, versatility and so on. From the perspective of a mechanical design engineer, sheet metal is becoming a key material to study. Demonstration of your knowledge about sheet metal, its properties, different manufacturing processes associated with it, various design considerations about sheet metal etc. are key if you want to ace your interview for a company which is working in this domain.

CADCAMGURU which is pioneer in the creation of successful design engineers for decade is well aware of this market need. It has created training which covers many foundational aspects about design engineering along with know how of domains like sheet metal. Gaining this know how is going to be an ace up your sleeves!

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