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After Mechanical / Automobile Engineering you can OPT

As final year exams are approaching, many final year students are worried about their future. Some of the students will be looking for a job, some preparing for further studies and some are still confused about the what to do after engineering. Most of the students tend to do post graduation than to get job. These students generally opt for GATE or CAT as further study option. But there are many other fields which can be opted after engineering. Lets see how Mechanical / Automobile / Production students can benefit by opting for anything except GATE.

GATE is a highly reputed examination to qualify students to pursue their post graduation in Engineering. Many reputed colleges in India, like the IIT’s, NIT’s, IISc, etc. offer admission to post graduation program in their college on the basis of the students GATE score. Moreover opting for GATE limits the scope for mechanical, production or automation engineer. Students who opt for GATE even have limited career option. They can either go for the education industry or Government organizations. Hence students who wish to go in this field should go for GATE.

There are many other options available in the market. Most prominent among these options is Career in Mechanical CAD. CAD courses are specially made for students who wish to enter the mechanical design industry. Such CAD certification courses can provide you with standard certification, which will land you up in a good company on a good position. This certification lets the student secure their future in many ways.

Today’s industrial market is always looking to innovate in their existing product or design new products from scratch. Hence manufacturers are always in search of professionals who can help them in this. CAD courses are meant to train the students to make proper and flawless designs in the primary stage so that there would be less corrections in the actual production process. The students who have a good command over these tools always have quicker job placements with great career progress graph. They prove to become a valuable asset to the company in comparatively less time.

Use of CAD software

It is used in the industry needs special training to master. Move over, it requires great practice and skills to create an accurate design in the given time frame. This software makes it very easy for the designers to make small changes in the designs on the go. Many changes in the style or related machine details can be very effectively managed with the help of such CAD software. It is very easy to highlight even the minutes of the detail in the software so that the designer can pitch the idea in front of the business owners.

The design engineers can also help the floor operation people even without leaving the office. This software can not only develop designs for the products, it also helps in the testing team to create the prototype to test various features. Many related elements of production like the cast or mold can also be tested in the prototyping stage so as to improve the productivity of the company.

Designer can not only create flawless designs but can also make these designs very easy to present. The designs are shown to the client for approval before starting manufacturing. The designs drawn earlier where very hard to understand to the normal people. With innovation in the software, it now depends upon the design engineer to decide how they want to demonstrate their design. The design engineer even has the freedom to present the design in 3D. Hence the design engineer can create great impression even in their first meeting with the customer.

CAD courses

Courses thus prove very beneficial for every Mechanical / Automobile / Production student. There are even degree or diploma certification courses in CAD for the students who wish to continue study after a bachelors degree in Mechanical / Automobile / Production engineering. There are also some short term certification which will provide in depth knowledge of the CAD software to the students. And if the student is confused, he/she will have better understanding about the industry and will assist them to come to a conclusion.

Best Course in the town you OPT for

We at CADCAMGURU train budding engineers to become eligible for today’s mechanical CAD industry. We offer unique features in CAD Engineer certification. It is a 6-month full-time certification course. The students will be trained on CAE (Analysis) & 3D CAD modeling and of castings, forgings, plastic, sheet metal and machined components. Students will be trained over industrial projects for design. We also prepare students for the outside market and provide 100% assistance in getting them placed in the top companies. This is done by conducting aptitude test to make them comfortable with the companies selection procedure and also providing spoken English training which will help them in their personal interview. We provide unlimited job opportunities for students how has successfully completed the course.

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