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Computer Aided Design (CAD) is one of the most used designing tool used in the industry. But beyond CAD, there also exists CATIA which provides a great help for delivering Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) for process centric companies.

Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) is one of the leading solution provider to every type of industry. CATIA has wide ranger of industry, where it is applicable. This is majorly because of the vast capabilities of CATIA.

Complete Engineering Support Tool

CATIA is the only software solution that provides assistance in all the product development stages. It is based on an open and scalable architecture which enables it to assist enterprise to grow using various engineering disciplines. These disciplines may include style and form designing, mechanical designing, equipment and system engineering, managing digital mock-ups, machine analyzing and stimulation. CATIA also helps companies to increase there market response rate by making the companies capable to reuse the product design knowledge and accelerating the product development cycle. Thus CATIA is a key component for the proper collaboration of Project Lifecycle Management.

Features of PLM in relation to process centric companies

CATIA provides some additional feature which are not available in the basic CAD software like geometric modeling, etc. These features are specifically important for companies having design centric approach. Some of these feature are:

  • Product based features

CATIA is specifically used for product designing. It supports the engineer and the designer in every product development stage. Starting from product concept designing to product tooling, its simultaneous engineering and design-in-context capabilities, make it a great asset to every company that use it. Thus companies can create and bring their products to the market in comparatively less time and with better design.

  • Time based features

The time required by CATIA to complete the process is better than any software tool used in the market. And when it is added with the native association with all other applications, CATIA can deliver products to the market in very less time.

  • Quality based features

CATIA has combination of various features which ensures the quality of the product before it reaches the market. These features includes integrated analysis, simulation, synthesis, and optimization of applications. It also helps in validating the design, on the go and at every stage.

  • Market leading feature

Many companies who use CATIA are among the market leaders in there field. These companies can top there category as CATIA provides them with feature like advance collaborative engineering, knowledge capture and re-use boost innovation.

We at CADCAMGURU have understood the importance of CATIA certification on account of its huge usability and demand in the market. We have started a 6 month certification course for CATIA certification. We offer many unique features during the training which includes training of 3D CAD modeling of casting, forgings, etc. This training is designed considering the present day industrial requirements. Students get on project experience during the training program. Training program also includes making the students familiar with various version of CATIA like CATIA V3, V4, V5 and V6. Thus making CADCAMGURU a preferred training center for CATIA certification.

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