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Students who opt for Engineering, invest a lot of time to study to be eligible to deliver what they have studied, in the market. Specifically for students related to Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering, learning to draw machine drawing comprises of a lot of their time. Drawing can also comprise of creating blueprints of projects. These drawings are then used as a standard to create the actual project, hence even a minor mistake in the drawing can cost heavy expenses to the clients. Hence most of these students opt for CAD Engineering to help them in project designing.

CAD engineers are the professionals who create designs with the help of various designing software tools like CATIA, CREO, etc. Most of the clients, designing companies or manufacturing companies prefer to select students who have completed the CAD Engineer course, as these students can perform better with the CAD tools. Moreover, there are some other prominent advantages of being CAD Engineer. These are

1. Minimum risk of making costly mistakes

With the CAD tool any professional who assigned to create a design, can test their design. Thus CAD Engineer saves a lot of money by rectifying the mistakes in the less costly model they build. Thus CAD Engineers test every small part of their design on the CAD tool and once the design is flawless it is sent on the field.

2. Improves productivity

Like rectifying mistakes at the design level, CAD Engineers can solve many problems in the design even before the design is presented before the client. Because of this, the CAD engineer can deliver a quality product in comparatively less time and with the use of less resources. Moreover, even if there are some suggestions from the client side, CAD Engineer can very easily make those changes in the design, thus getting quicker approvals and having faster rate of project completion. Moreover, as these designs are on digital medium, the CAD Engineer does not have to worry about any malpractices happening with the design. The professional can always carry a back up of the design with them, anywhere the go. Thus CAD Engineers makes designing highly accessible.

3. Project presentation are more effective

The client for which the designer is creating design may not be always technically sound. Hence it is very important to deliver the design in a way which can be easily understood by the client. CAD Engineer can use the CAD tools to deliver the result in a way which can be easily understood by the client. Moreover with the advancement of technology, CAD Engineer can even showcase their work in 3D to impress the client even more.

On account of these 3 and many other benefits. After graduation students opted for most popular certification CAD Engineering. Because of heavy demand in the industry, the average salary of a CAD Engineer ranges in between 5-7 Lakh. With experience, this salary amount can increase to an astonishing level.

We at CADCAMGURU train these engineers to become eligible and quality CAD Engineers. We offer unique features in CAD training. It is a 6 month full time certification course. The students will be trained on CAE (Analysis) & 3D CAD modeling and of castings, forgings, plastic, sheet metal and machined components. Students will be trained over industrial projects for design. We also prepare students for the outside market and provide 100% assistance in getting them placed in the top companies. CADCAMGURU conduct aptitude test to make them comfortable with the companies selection procedure. We also take spoken English training which will help them in their personal interview. CADCAMGURU provide unlimited job opportunities for students how has successfully completed the course.

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