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CAD Engineer is an expert who makes effective use of computer systems

Enginers to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. CAD Engineer, also known as drafters, create technical drawings and plans which are used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Thus the CAD Engineer must have a good command over the computer software used for the drawing or designing part. In addition to that, they must also understand engineering and architectural techniques, manufacturing systems, product data management, and building information modeling.

CAD Engineer’s roll in the organization

CAD Engineer is basically appointed for creating designs, plans and blueprints with the help of computers. So most of their time is spent in the office working before a computer. But this may change. If required, the CAD Engineer may have to leave the office and have to take meetings with the client to understand the details which the engineer will be needed while the actual designing. Thus its a dynamic job where you have to do both on-field and off-field jobs.

Engineers specifically from the mechanical department aspires to become CAD Engineers. But this is not a compulsion. Most students from Mechanical, Automobile and Production have little advantage in this course. Any engineer can become a CAD Engineer.

Considering the industrial part, CAD engineer’s position is mostly allocated to Design engineer or Mechanical Design Engineer. To become Design or Mechanical Design Engineer you first need to be Senior ASIC Design Engineer, Senior Hardware Design Engineer, Structural Engineer, Product Design Engineer, Design Manager, or a Senior Electronics Design Engineer. CAD engineers have a good salary and even if you are an fresher and newly entering the field, you can still expect a decent salary. Moreover, there are many jobs available in the market for CAD engineer.

We at CADCAMGURU prepare you according to the industrial norms to make you more eligible for getting a good job. We offer unique features in CAD Engineer certification. It is a 6 month full time certification course. The students will be trained on CAE (Analysis) & 3D CAD modeling and of castings, forgings, plastic, sheet metal and machined components. Students will be trained over industrial projects for design. CADCAMGURU also prepare students for the outside market and provide 100% assistance in getting them placed in the top company. We conduct an aptitude test to make them comfortable with the companies selection procedure. CADCAMGURU also take spoken English training which will help them in their personal interview. We provide unlimited job opportunities for students how has successfully completed the course.

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