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Why is The Employability of a Fresh Engineering Graduate Commented to be as Low as Around 35?

Prof. Prakash Deshpande HOD Academics

Graduate Engineers passing out from various institutes all over India, are rarely seen at the “Second Class”. The marks at the Final year examination are mostly around 65% or above. Yet, the Graduate Engineers are hardly accepted as employable. This contradiction is less due to the individual’s shortfall at some or other domain. But it is mainly due to the fault at the format of the education system as taught as on today.

Employers expect the fresh graduates to be reasonably strong at the conceptual understanding, fundamentals and their right applications. However, the education system asks the individuals to be strong at memorisation. It shall not be wrong to state that whatever marks are gained or lost by any students are mainly due the concerned level of memorisation. However, the professional field is not at all concerned with memorisation. In fact, whenever any task is given to an individual at the profession, he is allowed and encouraged to refer to any supporting information, personal interaction etc. The individual is expected to be strong at the application of knowledge rather than the memorisation. Unfortunately, today’s knowledge imparting system, which is mainly oriented around the examinations, prefers to remain aloof from the demand of the profession. Our students are never examined in the manner as required by the professional field.

Secondly, the current examination system is too rigid at its structure asking the students to solve the questions mainly worth around 8 to 10 marks and worth around 15 minutes for solving. But at the professional field, the tasks given to a planning or design engineer are seen to be worth for some hours or even some days. The students, during their examinations or elsewhere, do not even get a chance to come across a professional level question of such type.

Thirdly, at the academic level, the fundamental level subjects like mechanics, dynamics, graphics, manufacturing processes, materials etc, are taught at the initial stages. Since the students are beginners at engineering during the initial 2-3 semesters, these subjects are rarely professionally taught. While as, some other subjects like process planning, design are taught almost at the 6th or 7th semester, but they are rarely re-connected with the fundamental level partner subjects. The required co-relation between manufacturing and design, dynamics and design, engineering drawing and process planning etc, is never re-opened and taught to the students at the end semesters.

Lastly, during the end semesters, the examination system imparts no specific efforts to make the students employable and fit to enter the professional field. Even a carpenter or painter also gives a finishing touch before delivering his product to the market. A common housewife also gives a finishing touch before serving the dinner. Why not the engineering education system? Why the last semester should not contain something worth 250-300 marks for overall finishing touch?

However, at “CADCAMGURU”, the scene is different. We have understood these deficiencies which become hurdles for a fresh graduate to become employable. We have designed our course content so that the “would be” design engineer once again peeps into the fundamental level subjects but through professional angle. The students are made well aware of the new vision where the professional co-relation between the fundamental subjects and their professional counterparts gets explained. As a result, the Engineering graduates completing CADCAMGURU CAD Course, turn out to be more employable. Our Statistics for “Students Placement” confirms this statement.

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