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Industry Expectations from Automation Engineers

And Skills required for Industry 4.0

IoT (Internet of things)


VFD Drivers

Communication Protocols

PLC Programming

Sensors & Actuators

Interview Skills

HMI & SCADA Programming

Power & Control Writing


Control Panel hardware & ZW CAD

Career Opportunities In industry


Pharma & Health Care


Auto mobile Manufacturing


Power Plant


Food Packing


Water Treatment Plant


Special Purpose Machines Mfg


Quality Control


Conveyor Plants




Home Automation


Food Manufacturing

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Opportunities Job Titles

  • SCADA HMI Programmer
  • PLC Programmer
  • PLC Engineers
  • Electrical Panel Designer
  • Project Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • PLC HMI VFD Engineer
  • Application Engineer

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I am an Electrical/ Electronics/ E&TC engineering students? What skills should I learn to get better job opportunities?

Great! You already know the basics.
Now you need to learn industry-standard skills to get jobs.
Learning PLC Programming, Scada, HMi, VFD drive, pneumatics will help you get jobs in Industrial automation.
Learning Arduino programming, Node MCU, Raspberry Pi, C & Python language to get jobs in IoT.

Should I switch to IT from Electrical or Electronics?

IT industry has great potential in India & Abroad. But IT firms will always prefer IT or Computer science engineers while recruiting. Doing a short course in coding will probably get you a job but you will always remain an outsider. Getting in-depth knowledge & skills in your stream of engineering will help you build a long-term career. Build on your foundation instead of starting from scratch.

What type of jobs will I get in the Industrial Automation field?

Industrial automation & IoT skills are needed in a wide range of industries. From Food & packaging, Health care, Home appliances, Automobile, Pharma & chemical to Retail, Finance, Healthcare etc.

Why is IoT a buzzword now a days?

    • Automation with IoT : As there will be 22 billion IoT enabled devices in the world by 2025 (Source : Times of India 05.09.22) ​
​     This statement explains why IoT technology has great requirements in the industry.

Are there jobs in industrial automation and IoT ?

Automation & IoT skills are required. Following are some of the companies that offer jobs in Industrial automation & IoT.
Tech Mahindra
Hassia Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Indpro Engineering
Bobst India Pvt. Ltd.

How to get placed in the Industrial automation or IoT field?

You need to learn the following skills-
Control Panel Hardware & ZW CAD​
Communication protocol
Power & control wiring
PLC Programming ( Allan Bradley, Siemens, Delta, Fuji Etc. are some major PLC brands)
VFD Drives
In IoT- Arduino programming, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, C & Python language etc.
Mastering these skills will assure you a job in the industry.

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