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CREO is one of the most popular and powerful designing tool used in the market. With the popularity of CREO the demand of CREO certification has also increased in the market. There are various versions of CREO. The most updates version of CREO is CREO 3.0 and CREO certifications with this version is sought in the market. Even with this increased demand, many design engineers still do not have complete understanding about this tool. Hence this blog will be focused on delivering the basic information about CREO. CREO is the updated version of Pro-E software.

CREO is a powerful software which is a combination of various designing tools. It is popularly used by many leading manufacturing companies across the globe. It was designed by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). CREO works with combination of various applications like

  • Creo Parametric
  • Creo Simulate
  • Creo Direct
  • Creo Layout
  • Creo Options Modeler

Every CREO application serves unique purpose of product development. Hence one CREO software can handle every aspect of product design like concept development, designing and analysis. It also supports your communication with your clients, manufacturers or technical publication.


Features Of CREO
CREO works on various stages of product development. Hence CREO is useful in every department of the company. Adding to it, there are four prominent features which defines the usability of this software. They are

CREO offers scalable access to designers who are involved in any par of product development. On the other hand, specific CREO applications help developers who are a part of only one particular process. So CREO can also be customized to serve single process and also be used, with the same efficiency, to serve the needs of the entire process.

As every CREO application is designed under the same roof, the communication between every application is very smooth. There are no data lags when any applications is interacting with other application, which saves ample amount of designers time. Hence you can pass the work from one process to other and the same designed will be modified to be made perfect.

3.Combined Benefits Of Both CAD Modeling Approach
Working on CREO means using both the CAD modeling approaches i.e. parametric and direct modeling. Hence you achieve two goals with a single software. Designers can enjoy the control provides by parametric modeling on one hand and on the other hand, they can also enjoy the speed and flexibility of direct modeling.

4.Operating On Multi-CAD Data
CREO can easily work on any CAD data source. Hence designers can save their lot of time and efforts while using CREO and operating on various platforms. It also eliminates the minor possibility of human errors while redesigning the same design. Thus it is helpful for both the designers and the organization.

Thus CREO is a software solution which helps company to design products at a comparatively lower cost and in less time. On account of this usability of CREO the demand for professionals who can operate on CREO has also increased. CREO certification is one of the best way, where a professional can demonstrate his expertise on CREO. Moreover CREO certification also helps the professional to grow on both professional and personal level. Hence the demand for CREO certification has typically increased among the design engineers and other designing graduates.

We at CADCAMGURU have understood the importance of CREO certification even when the concept of CREO was new in the market. We have started a 6 weeks certification course for CREO certification. We offer many unique features during the training which includes training of 3D CAD modelling of casting, forgings, sheetmetal, plastic components, etc. This training is designed considering the present day industrial requirements. Students get on project experience during the training program. All these features make CADCAMGURU a preferred training center for CREO certification. All the faculties at CADCAMGURU are certified by PTC for CREO, who provides quality training to CADCAMGURU students. CADCAMGURU has been awarded by PTC as “Authorised Training Centre with Best Placement Record” in Asia Pacific region.