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1. PLC is better than Microcontroller

Fresh engineers passed out from college do not have hands-on experience of programming and wiring etc of PLC.

Some of them have used Arduino based microcontroller kits for a final year project.

However in the real world PLC must be used as it gives large IO handling capacity, Better Noise immunity and easiness in doing scaling for analogue inputs.

2. PLCs have wide-ranging Applications

PLCs have a huge demand in many sectors including automobile manufacturing, water purification, textile machines, pharma sector, petroleum refineries, chemical manufacturing, home automation, printing machines, power generation, marine applications and so on… the list is endless.

Automobile Manufacturing                    Water Treatment

Textile Machines                                  Pharma sector

Petroleum Refineries                              Chemical Manufacturing

Home Automation                                      Printing Machines

Power Generation                                    Marine Applications

3. Employment Opportunity

There is a scarcity of skilled PLC programmers, so if you become a skilled and well trained PLC programmer, then opportunities for employment will be there for you.

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