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The PLC programming means designing and implementing control sequence depending on need of application. A PLC program consists of a set of instructions , which represents the logic. This logic is to be implemented for specific industrial real time applications.

A PLC programming software allows entry and development of user application code. It can be downloaded to the PLC hardware. Then,if the PLC is placed in Run mode, then the PLC works according to the program. It develops a result depending on logic and input status.

How to learn PLC programming?

Step 1:

Start with PLC hardware.: A PLC programmer should have knowledge about PLC hardware means mainly number of inputs and outputs, communication standard etc.

Step 2 :

Understand the purpose and sequence of application along with number of inputs and outputs devices.

Step 3 :

Open the necessary programming software.

Step 4 :

Think logically and focus on the relation between inputs and outputs. Start using instructions depending on the requirement of the logic.

Step 5 :

Compile and remove syntax errors if any.

Step 6 :

Simulate and remove logical errors if any.

Step 7:

Download the program in PLC and take trials with actual machine. If still desired output is not obtained then make necessary changes in the program so that objective will be achieved.

Hence many engineers and engineering students prefer to join PLC training course.

Career Opportunities in PLC programming

PLC programmers are responsible for the working and upgradation of machines and plants that use programmable logic controllers.

A PLC programmer designs control programs for electrical . For example, controlling machinery on factory assembly lines in the automobile industry.

PLC programmers also perform maintenance and fault diagnostics once the process has been implemented. They also assist in sales and provide customer service and training to clients. They inform clients regarding the use and application of PLC based machines. The complexity of the PLC based machine varies depending on the project and company.

Hence PLC programming training is necessary.

Why to learn from CCG (CADCAMGURU)?

It is a leading training institute in Pune (India) for PLC and automation training.

We have developed our unique content and teaching pedagogy. We are proud to be recognised by many leading industry recruiters. CADCAMGURU has actual industrial experience combined with software technology knowledge.

There will be 100% placement assistance to the students.

We have well equipped labs and classrooms.

There are Experienced and student caring faculties to increase knowledge and confidence of students.

Students will be trained on latest and licenced programming softwares.

Syllabus will include Basics, pneumatics, PLC , SCADA, HMI, VFD, and CAD.

It is rare opportunity learn interfacing between PLC and HMI/SCADA of different brands.

Interview guidance will be also provided.

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