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CADCAMGURU is an institute which was established more than 20 years ago.

It is a trusted brand in employment-oriented training.

CCG ACE certificate is evidence that you have completed the course with satisfactory attendance, you were regular at-home assignments and your performance during the exams was acceptable

  • The course begins with Automation Introduction and Basics so that your foundation will become strong in sectors like electrical, electronics and sensors etc…This is necessary to understand concepts in automation later.
  • Then you will learn pneumatics which is not included in the college syllabus of electrical and electronics branches. But knowledge of pneumatics is necessary while working in the industry. Both theory and hands-on practicals are included in course.
  • Then comes the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) It is the brain of the machine which will do all the calculation and decision making. Flexibility in re-programming is a big advantage of PLC. Hardware introduction of PLC, then instructions, programming simulation and actual downloading in PLC… These are the important features of PLC training here at CCADCAMGURU.
  • SCADA ( Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) is a software installed on the computer. This computer communicates with the PLC so that the user will come to know the real-time status of the machine in an animated way. Also, other features like alarms for dangerous conditions, trend graphs and security are also widely used. At CadcamGuru you will enjoy learning the communication between SCADA and PLC of two different brands.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a hardware device having a touch screen & it communicates with PLC. Animation, alarm, trend and security are important features of HMI. At CadcamGuru you will learn how to communicate a PLC of one brand with HMI of another brand.

Both SCADA and HMI training includes theory and hands-on practice.

  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive ) is used to control speed and torque of a 3 phase induction motor. It can also start, stop, change direction and do power saving. Our course includes VFD training with practicals.
  • Panel Design and CAD are necessary so make an electrical control panel.

So here you will learn panel design theory along with CAD practice.

Communication skills training at CADCAMGURU will surely guide you to face interview with a correct mindset and an impressive body language.

Hands-on practicals along with the guidance of expert and experienced trainers will surely open a gateway towards a bright future.

Also, CADCAMGURU is having a placement cell which gives information about vacancies to deserving candidates & provides 100% placement opportunities

So, a CADCAMGURU- ACE certification is a necessity for your glorious career.

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