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Automation: The Future

Science fiction of the past is today’s reality. In the manufacturing sector, wonders are happening due to machines. Industrial automation market is growing day by day.

Key Functional Benefits of Automation

 IT companies have understood the importance of Industrial Automation and have entered this sector. Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, HCL are software giants and they have started using IoT (Internet of Things) with Automation. Also, it is necessary to make decisions based on real-time data.

So, traditional automation is merging with IT. The opportunities are huge. All sectors will benefit from this revolution.

The IT industry will also take Automaton to the non-industrial sector also. Building Management Systems & Home Automation applications are increasing day by day. Robotics for non-industrial applications (like robotic surgeries) is also an expanding sector. Everyday we use so many products which are manufactured thru automation. Automation engineers and IT professionals are playing a major role in this revolution.

Role of an Engineer

  • Work with OEMs and SPM manufacturers, know the purpose of the machine being manufactured and program it to function as per machine cycle
  • Work with System Integrators who guide the OEMs select controllers based on their requirement and support them in programming the functions.
  • Work with Automation Solution providers who design and implement complete solutions for the manufacturing Industry to integrate all the individual machines using networking.
  • Work at the Customerend, in the integration and maintenance of all the machines purchased. Also, you can collect data from machines and can analyse the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
  • Work with the IT services provider to receive the real-time data taken from the machines and analyze the same along with data from the ERP.
  • Automation Engineers get the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology. PLC programming is a part of automation but other than that there are many other areas within automation.
  • Sensor selection and interfacing, CAD drawings for panels and panel assembly, HMI programming, VFD selection, motor selection, pneumatics, SCADA are other important areas involved in automation.

Automation is having many applications like Automobile manufacturing, Textile machines, Printing machines, Power generation, Mining, Marine, Chemical manufacturing, Pharma manufacturing and so on. The IT-enabled services to acquire data from Automation equipment. So, end-user can analyse huge information in a meaningful way. To implement all this mechanism is the task of a skilled automation engineer.

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