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1. Lack of Skilled Manpower:

These days Companies need skilled manpower, as projects need to be completed in target time, with very high quality standards and without wasting money. So skilled engineers are in high demand in any industry.

There is a lack of skilled engineers who are strong in the basics of their branch and at the same time have proficiency in Automation. Hence there is a scarcity in skilled, trained automation engineers available for the automation industries.

Our automation course is a bridge between engineering institutes & automation industries, thru which necessary required automation skills can be imparted.

2. Automation is the Future:

For manufacturing & process control sector, speed and accuracy in production are highly important. This trend is there for last many years and it will continue to be in future also. Hence there will be major job opportunities in the sector of automation. Stereotype and repetitive jobs will go on reducing. Hence to acquire skills in automation is a necessity.

3. Automation: A Gateway Towards a Bright Career.

Automation engineers have a high possibility of promotions and increase in salary as compared to core engineers. Irrespective of your branch… whether electrical or instrumentation…. automation will give you wings to achieve new heights in career.

4. Automation: A Bouquet of Options.

In the sector of automation, you can work depending on your talent. You can work as a project engineer, a marketing engineer, a trainer, a programmer, an application engineer and so on. With experience, you can work as a project manager, an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

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